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Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace

$299.00 $129.00

Limited time anniversary sale – 60% Off. Each person is limited to 1 set of Cairra™ necklace.

Spark lifetime memories with Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace.

Our Mémoire Locket Necklace is designed to help you keep your precious moments with your loved ones close to your heart!

A beautiful gift necklace crafted using the best quality simulated diamonds paired to either an eternally sparkling 14-carat rose gold-plating or refined sterling silver.

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Spark lifetime memories with Cairra™

Spark lifetime memories with Cairra™


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A Gift that Will Spark Lifetime Memories

Few gifts can really preserve memories for ages the way a carefully-kept photo can – the Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace is the perfect gift item to preserve memories of a lifetime and keeping it close to your heart. Enjoy the feel of those unforgettable moments within reach, saved forever in this amazing locket necklace.

Your own Craft. Treasured forever.

We believe a great way of expressing your love is by making your own art. With Cairra™ Memoire Locket Necklace, you are able to create and customize your own perfect memoire DIY locket picture. Nothing makes it more a perfect gift to your love ones knowing that your personaly made the thousand-words picture inside these beautiful lockets.

Note: We’ll provide easy to follow DIY instructions for you to print your own tailor-fitted picture to Cairra™ necklace. It’s very easy and takes only about 15 minutes!

Why buy the Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace?

  • A Gift that Will Spark Lifetime Memories
  • Keep Close Memories of Your Precious Moments or Loved Ones
  • Eternally Brilliant, Long-lasting Shine
  • Designed Using 14-Carat Rose Gold-plated Sterling Silver
  • Unbelievable Craftsmanship, Refinement and Luxury Finish to Match Your Style
  • An Elegant Gift Item for the Special People in Your Life

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 18mm
  • Necklace Length: Adjustable 20″-22″
  • Photograph Size: 14.7mm
  • Metal Type: 14 Carat Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver or Platinum Plated Sterling Silver
  • Color: 14 Carat Rose Gold / Platium Silver
  • Recommend Age: 10+ Years Old

Keep Close Memories of Your Precious Moments or Loved Ones

Thanks to the personalized DIY design of the Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace, you can preserve your precious photos and keepsakes to last you a lifetime. Some memories come once and reliving them can only happen by saving those special moments. Keep your close memories or reminders of your loved ones close to your heart.

Eternally Brilliant, Long-lasting Shine

The Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace is designed to shine with a long-lasting brilliance over many years into the future. Not surprising considering it’s made with the highest grade of simulated diamonds known to sparkle for ages. When you own a Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace, you are saving a part of your present memories for remembrance in future.

Designed Using 14-Carat Gold-plated Sterling Silver

The Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace features a dazzling sterling silver or 14-carat gold-plated locket designed to be fully photo-customizable with a precious photo or keepsake that’s dear to you. Linked to this locket, is a jewelry chain made of them same precious material. Users can choose between sparkling silver or brilliant rose gold.

Unbelievable Craftsmanship, Refinement and Luxury Finish to Match Your Style

Few locket necklaces can match the incredible craftsmanship, refined feel and luxury finish of the Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace. Whatever your style is, this gorgeous, moment-preserving jewelry piece is designed to be fully personalizable to fit your taste or preferences. A win-win for you anyway and anyhow you love it!

An Elegant Gift Item for the Special People in Your Life

Perhaps there’s need for an excellent, affordable gift item for your loved ones or to save some unforgettable moments. The elegant Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace is a once in a lifetime jewelry item and makes the perfect gift for the special moments with your loved ones. A classy design, stunning packaging and a locket style that’s exactly as described!

Delivery of Cairra™

Dispatch time just takes usually around 2-3 business days. For all orders in the US, we are delighted to inform you that delivery is quick and received within 5-8 business days and 8-15 business days for other nations once they are dispatched. We work with major couriers and postal services worldwide to ship your orders, for example, USA (FedEx/USPS), Canada (Canada Post), United Kingdom (RoyalMail), Australia (Australia Post/Fastway), etc.


1157 Reviews

Kathryn M.
“Very nice locket necklace, I saved my wife’s wedding picture as that’s one of my most memorable days. The quality of the chain is exactly as described.”

Gary P.
“I ordered mine because my wife was travelling out of town for a 5 weeks and realized I will find this handy to gift her to remember our kids. I have 2 beautiful daughters who mean the world to me. This locket necklace came to me at the right time.”

Reb E.
“Very solid gift given to me by my dad during my college days. Mine has a picture of our first time out in the woods shooting deer. I love the necklace so much. Glad I bought it.”

Courtney M.
“I love the fact that this locket helps keep certain special memories close to my heart. I bought the silver one and looking forward to buying rose gold. Quality all through.”

Kate W.
“Amazing locket necklace, I’ve been getting a ton of compliments since I got it. “

Bill S.
“I gave this to my wife on our anniversary with a picture of our wedding day. And guess what, she loved it. “

Laura H.
“It’s been 6 months since I bought mine and it still looks great. The diamond pieces still sparkle so brightly and the gold locket and chain looks just like when I bought it. I have pictures of my girl and I in mine.”

Diane P.
“My locket necklace is my goodluck charm. Since I started wearing it, I often feel a better energy going into any activties. Will get another one for my daughter soon.”

Pat B.
“I just adore everything about the necklace. Top choice really. “

Vinnie L.
“Everything about the necklace is just how I wanted it to be. Sparklingly beautiful. I can’t wait to see how it ages. So far, I’m glad I bought it.”

Bernice R.
“Beautiful necklace with the most classy looking locket I’ve seen. My husband gifted this to me last year November and it looks as gorgeous as when I opened the package.”

Kimberly M.
“It’s a very amazing jewelry necklace to give out as a gift. I shared about 4 of them to my family. We are really close-knit and I believe this will go a long way to keep special memories when we are away.”

John C.
“It’s beautiful and I just hope my wife will feel the same when I gift it to her as a birthday present. Personally, I feel it’s a beautiful gift and can’t wait to see her reaction.”

Jack B.
.) “Had issues with opening mine until I contacted Cairra™ customer support and got them to help with suggestions. It’s quite new so I was a bit sceptical about using force to open it to avoid damaging it. It’s all good now and I love it so much.”

Serena T.
“Very elegant necklace design. Everything about it screams quality. Recommended.”

Casee L.
“I love everything about the Cairra™ locket necklace. Beautiful, quality design far above the cost. Will buy again in a minute if possible”

Donna T.
“100% recommended locket necklace. Nothing not to like about it really. I have worn mine for 4 months, except when bathing. Looks and feels great. “

Larissa H.
“It’s amazing and I had to start wearing it under my shirt to work daily. If you’re looking to get this, don’t hesitate. It’s worth it. I had my doubts at first but the quality of this design is undeniable. “

Stella W.
“Looks great, far better than I originally thought. I’m happy with my purchase. “

Rich G.
“For a while now, I had been looking for a deserving gift to give my girlfriend since she often works offshore. I stumbled across the Cairra™ online, ordered it and had it customized with our picture on our last vacation in 2019. It’s perfect and just what I needed.”

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Sparkling Silver (Platinum Plated Sterling Silver), Rose Gold (14 Carat Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver)


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Cairra™ Mémoire Locket Necklace
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